Does Carrapateira Extreme come from “Extreme Sports or activities”?

No, it doesn’t. So please don’t feel nervous our doubtful about if our company has what you need. We have personalized tours for all levels, ages, strength, kind of public and we can adapt them for every single need. As well as if you want something more Extreme, you will get it too. But our policy is to create a great experience to become a great memory of your holidays!

Is there a specific hour for each tour?

We are flexible on dates and hours. There are some activities which yes, they have a specific time of departure as sunsets (whether is by boat or the horse riding one). Also, during the summer season, it is too warm, so we don’t make horse riding tours between 12:30 until 5PM for their wellbeing and health. We have also full day tours, but for the summer season we have made them shorter because of the sun, temperature, etc.

How is a tour set up? (Locations, arrival, departure, briefing…)

We can meet at our office in Carrapateira or depending where the tour will take place or on your location, we can choose another meeting point. Also depends on whether you will need a transfer or not. Usually it will be needed half an hour briefing before we start so you’ll get more information about what you will be doing, watching and some safety rules so you can enjoy the most of each tour.

*Transfers from Lagos or from Aljezur will increase and extra cost of 5€ per person.

Equipment provided

We will provide you everything you will need, as the wetsuits, boards, paddles, helmets, lifejackets (depending on the tour you will try). We will also provide you a bottle of water on every tour and depending on specific tours, we will also provide you a piece of fruit & cereal bar for the bike tours or for some of the sunsets and premium activities, some local snacks, drinks and aperitives.


Can I bring my own equipment?

If you have, for example, your own wetsuit or your own bike and you want you use it, there is no problem at all.


Will I get some photos from my tours?

Yes, you will get some photos from the SUP and Kayaks Tours and of course for any other tours, our guides will be more than happy to help you to take some pictures or to let you stop for taking them in some beautiful places.


In which language(s) will the tours be provided?

Our tour guides are all Portuguese, but you have also the possibility of English and Spanish. But this won’t be a problem because they will make what is necessary to be understood 😊


Are there also tours available for kids?

Even though our name says “Carrapateira Extreme”, we have different options. All tours can be adapted for every type of guests and their needs. We love kids and we are family friendly!! So of course, yes, we will do our best to organize it for them, even though that could mean, changing the length, distance or path of the tour, but for sure, they will enjoy it the most!

*Please, contact us for kids’ tours, to get more information about them, ages, etc. We will study every case.


Is there any possibility to get a package with different activities?

Definitely yes!! Please, contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will organize it for you and your friends/ family/ colleagues/ Boyfriend/ Girlfriend…whoever you come with or if it’s just for you. But we will make it for you so you can make your best of your holidays and take so good memories with you!

And of course, you will get a special price.


Any other question you didn’t find here?

For any other further information about us, about the area, whatever you may need, please let us know and don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to reading from you and to help you with whatever is necessary.



In case we need to cancel any tour because of bad weather conditions, we will propose you another option which suits you (for example, another route) and if it’s not an option, you will be refunded.

In case you have already paid for the total amount of the tour or just the deposit, for cancelations within less than 24 hours in advanced, the price won’t be refunded. The same for not shown.

Our prices may change without prior notice, as well as from low to high season.

*We accept payments with cards, PayPal, MBWay or Bank Transfer. Also, cash on arrival.

Our rental policy for one day means that the equipment must be returned by the end of that day, before the office is closed, which means at 7:30 PM the most. If is not, then it will be charged for an extra day, no matter at what time is brought back on the next day.

We have all our insurance in order, as well as coverage for each and every client who visits us and try any activity. But anyway, you need to read and understand our disclamer for of conditions.


Disclaimer form conditions that you accept when purchasing any of our services:


I am the participant or the parent/legal guardian of a minor participant (where applicable), hereby I accept and acknowledge the risks inherent to the practice of any of the sports which Carrapateira Extreme Tour Company provides.

I, on behalf of myself or on behalf of the minor participant do agree that Carrapateira Extreme Tours & Outdoor Activities, it’s owners, agents, employees, shall not be liable or sued for any damages arising from personal injuries,  loss of property, damage or any other harm, that I or the minor participant may sustain in any way which directly or indirectly results from my or minor participant’s participation in any tour which Carrapateira Extreme provide . I also assume all responsibility of the equipment rented by Carrapateira Extreme, to watch over it in a responsible way and return it in the same conditions it was given to me. Otherwise I will have to pay a % or the total amount for the repairing or for buying the new equipment. I also assume to follow the instructions provided by my tour guide in order to make safety the priority.